About us

19Fifty-One is a restaurant, café, and bar established in 2023 that features both Ethiopian and Korean dishes. From the fiery spices of Ethiopia to the savory richness of Korean cuisine, our menu brings Durham, NC a wide range to please any taste. With this restaurant, we hope to create not only a place for fantastic food and drinks, but also somewhere to inspire and foster sharing, growth, and respect. Morning through evening, we want to be a meeting place for our community, to bring all walks of life together and foster connections. We hope to see you here soon!

Behind the name

In 1951, the Ethiopian government sent troops to aid South Korea during the Korean War. There were challenges and losses for both countries, but the year also marked the start of a close relationship between the two nations that remains strong to this day. To Fasil and Raymond, the owners of 19Fifty-One, the year became a symbol of friendship and resilience - of facing hardship and making something good come from it, which is something they understood all too well. Raymond and Fasil began working together after Raymond and his family faced sudden tragedy with the loss of their father and their coffee shop. Throughout their time working together, the two hoped that eventually, they would be able to create a place to honor both of their cultures: a restaurant to combine their heritage in the same way that their friendship had. And that's how 19Fifty-One was born.